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About me, Julie (aka Juju)

I’m, Julie Berry; 46 and still growing up.  I’m not the famous Julie Berry you might have been looking for.  I’ve only been in a few movies, as a random, perhaps unexpected extra, or as the other Julie Berry that you were not looking for.  I’m the Julie Berry who claims to be a city girl living in Seattle with my adorable poochie, Lucy.  Well, really I’m a California girl living in downtown Seattle because I’m a city girl. The truth is, my family lives here so I choose to make this my home.  I’m not just a city girl, I’m a family girl who is a city girl who wishes to still be a California girl, and will always be just a family girl living in Seattle to be with my family.  I’ve tried living without them, away from them and despite all of them my own selfish ways, I am close to them and I cherish what we have as a family.  So, like most city people, I enjoy fine arts but can’t afford them, I live between the local deli and  happy-hour food, and I work so far away from home that my trashy apartment is actually comforting at times.   I have a horse in training, whom I visit occasionally, when I feel like having the life scared out of me, and I have some really great, most amazing and funny friends.  I’ll talk about all of that here without naming too many names, as one of my biggest pet peeves is people who name-drop. Trust me, it’s more interesting not to know because if I were honest about the names, I would have to include my Xes, who are probably your Xes, and there are most likely some rather colorful stories that would not be appropriate on my blog… which is PG, by the way.  Ok G.  I will let my blog be G because no one will read it of it’s only for babies, and those who know me already know I don’t like babies (seriously, not kidding, I don’t).   Fine, I will go there with an occasional R rating, IF the R-rated content does  not offend anyone that I love or… that I work for, or have worked for in the past.

Ok XXX but I will password it and make you responsible for keeping the Adult-labeled contents viewable only to audience of appropriate age.

In addition to my career job, I manage and co-own a mid-sized virtual team of gaming content creators, MODA Modeling School and Productions.  Most of our work is done in Second Life and with which is accessible on a limited basis to the public, as long as you have a current gaming machine.  I also attend Phoenix University Online about 35 hours a week, or as much as I can manage to keep up with it.  Yes, my time is stretched like over-chewed taffy but it is well spent, so if I have any at all left over, I’m going to spend it gratefully with my wonderfully eclectic, talented and beautiful friends and their families, my parents, my Xes, and maybe at hot yoga classes which I pay for (just like a gym) and never attend.  and blogging.  I have to blog sometimes.  Blogging is the only way we can be heard when we are not whispering.

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